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5 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Nick Theocharides says:

    My mother moved to All-Heart after she was not able to live independently in the retirement home she was in and after trying out and visiting other residential care homes. At first we were a little apprehensive as they had just opened and she would be first resident. But after we made the decision to move her we came to feel it was the best decision we have ever made. All-Heart is exactly what the name says: it is family owned and operated by very competent and caring people. They treat my mom as if she is part of their family, yet give her the space she needs. They are well trained on all the licensing and care regulations, the house is immaculate, they are professional, and very loving toward my mom. While they are diligent in following regulations, they provide a personal touch and truly care about my mom’s needs, including her diet and physical and mental well being. All-Heart, while a business enterprise, is neither an institutional or a financially driven environment. It’s family run by genuinely wonderful people.

  2. Bee M. says:

    The best senior care home in all the lands! We love this place and the people. Our 99 year old aunt has been living here since May 2016. We are so impressed with the outstanding and loving care that they provide to our aunt. They go above and beyond in terms of care and attention, grooming, and cooking fresh meals that are delicious and well prepared. The home is spotless. They are open and receptive to input from the family. They provide a daily exercise program and even play endless dominoes with my aunt, who can be very demanding at times! They know how to care for the elderly. They are professional and there is even a darling RN, Miriam, who will reassure you that everything will be just fine. Sonia and the crew are so kind and loving to our aunt. They are just lovely people. We can’t forget it. We feel very secure, knowing that they care for her as one of their own. Her mental and physical condition has improved as well as her happiness. We hit the jackpot when it comes to caring for a loved one. We want to move in ourselves!

  3. Kawamura Family says:

    When life changed very quickly for our mother, we were stressed and at a loss as what to do. Within 24 hours, we had visited several homes looking for placement for our mother. We walked into All Heart and knew this was the place for her! The staff and owners are loving, compassionate and extremely understanding. As a family, we are ALWAYS being updated on our mother’s progress and needs. Each resident is treated like family as well as us. All-Heart has provided outstanding care for our mother so much so that it is incomparable to the care we were capable of providing.

  4. Shelley Biermann says:

    It is with great relief and subsequent gratitude that my dear friend can now call All-Heart her permanent home. The relief comes from having a professional and kind staff who CARES for her at her most vulnerable times and yet, offers her and all the residents respect and dignity.
    The gratitude comes from observing how the staff serves as a family to those of us on the outside as well as for their residents.
    It is a warm and welcoming respite from institutions and assisted living.
    What is not evident on this website is how fabulous it smells. The food is amazing! (if you have been in other places, you will certainly appreciate the aroma of freshly prepared food ! )
    Both the staff and residents seem to have been very carefully picked. Very harmonious.

  5. Edward Fong says:

    All-Heart cared for my brother Earl for about five months before his passing. They did an excellent job. Earl was in his late-60s and had muscular dystrophy before a very bad accident prevented him from living independently at home. He needed 24-hour assistance with the daily activities of life. The owner Miriam, who is a registered nurse, and her staff demonstrated great care and compassion in their care for Earl. They did the little things that made a difficult situation more pleasant, treating their residents with respect. You had the feeling that they were treating residents like they would be treating members of their own family. Also, the quality of the cooking and food was noticeably superior to other similar facilities. I can recommend All-Heart without reservation for anyone who needs full-time care for a loved one.

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